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Printing papers and completing a task or project over a month’s time is very prominent nowadays in the printing world. But the tasks executed at Pacific Prints in one single day are as follows- 2,00,000 color prints per day, 1,00,000 Sq.ft. of Solvent Printing Per Day, 7000 Sq.ft. of Eco Solving Printing per day and 3500 Sq.ft. of Inkjet Printing per day. There is no match to the skillset that the workers here at Pacific Prints possess.

Some major skillsets are as follows:- Printing of Brochures, Flyers and Invitation Cards, Large Format Printing, Cutouts Standees and Fabrications. The company has vast years of experience in Rollup Standee Premium Printing that finds applications in every other sector of the industry. Other services here include, Billboard Printing in Mumbai, Large Size Printing, Brochures, Wedding Cards, Sunboard Cut Out with Stands amongst others.

With a vision to achieve the highest datum in product quality, affordability and customer service, we at Pacific Prints, aim to continuously provide our clients with quality work. With a staunch team who is always happy to serve the clients, Mr.Lalji Gala(CEO and Founder) along with Mr.Nikunj Gala(Managing Director) have been the pillars of Pacific Prints and have given their blood and sweat to make the company flourish and reach the heights as never witnessed before.

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About Our Company

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Color Prints Per Day

Sq. ft. of Solvent Printing Per Day

Sq. ft. of Eco-Solvent Printing Per Day

Sq. ft. of Inkjet Printing Per Day

About Pacific Prints

About Pacific Prints

Who we are

Established since a couple of decades. We have more than 25 years of Experience in this Field of Printing.

We have a Staff that has always been there for our Customers.

Our Skills

Brochures, Flyers & Invite Cards


Cutouts,Standees & Fabrications


Large Format Printing


Meet the Team

Which is Always Happy to Serve You.

Meet the Team

Lalji Gala

CEO & Founder

Meet the Team

Nikunj Gala

Managing Director